Arri Alexa on set / by Neil Genower

These days there are a huge number of cameras around. So many affordable devices that claim to be giving you "outstanding images". 

The Arri Alexa camera seen here in this picture, is the benchmark in TV and movie production these days, coupled with Cooke or Arri lenses, these packages run into thousands of pounds. 

It's an amazing camera and although there are smaller cheaper cameras out there, the footage one gets from these cheaper cameras are not as manipulable and grade able as those from the Alexa. 

I shoot video on a Canon XF300, Canon 5d mk3 and a brilliant Lumix GH3. 

Although the Alexa is ahead of these cameras, they are much much smaller and less obtrusive in sensitive interview situations, and yet still produce excellent footage. 

This picture is from production of ITV's drama "The Bletcheey Circle" shot in and around London and at Bletchley Park itself. 

I shot both stills and Making of film on Bletchley. It's a compelling drama about a group of ladies who worked together during WW2 who later on in the 1950's pooled their code solving skills to catch the  criminals of the time.