Coldplay in their studio..... / by Neil Genower

Here's a portrait of the band 'Coldplay" shot at their funky studios in North London.

 Coldplay. London.

Coldplay. London.

Coldplay's studio in North London was so very small, I was wondering how on earth I was going to get a good shot of them all together. There were drum kits, guitars, keyboards and any number of instruments you can think of. Also it was completely dark.

There was just enough room for me to get my Chimera soft box up and one light. I also put a small elinchrom light behind them to give a little definition between them and the curtain background. To add to the difficulty I had a bout 2 minutes to get this shot. The film crew I was working with had, as always, over run their allocated time and as the stills photographer my time was always going to suffer.

However, the band were very obliging and understood I had very little time. I shot about 15 frames on my Canon and using my 24-70 zoom I could frame the shot I wanted. It would have been very difficult had I been on a fixed focal length, I was standing on a step ladder and shunting back and forth would have been far too time consuming.

It looks so much better in black and white (trust me) although with this particular shot I've toned it quite warm, using Lightroom 5.