A review of the bloggers....... / by Neil Genower

It has become a photo phenomena....The photo bloggers. Millions of camera users waxing lyrical about anything to do with photography, including me. But who are they, and are they worth your time of day? Below I list just a tiny minority of the more popular photo blogs and my feelings about them. I will add to this list from time to time.

Zach Arias has a blog known as DEDPXL which seems to be an offshoot of his web page blog. Zach is a competent photographer who has a witty laid back style aimed at the more funky young photographers. He shoots editorial and music and is an "ambassador" for Fuji. Quite what ambassador means, I'm not sure because he is paid by Fuji to nip off to exotic, sexy light locations around the world, to use their cameras and say sweet things about how good they are. Although his reports and videos are entertaining and informative, they leave you in no doubt that it's basically a Fuji promo. But that's OK, at least he plays straight and admits that Fuji do pay him, not for the endorsement, but the job of taking pictures for their brochure and promotions. His blog is straight talking and his knowledge convincing. he has some good videos on technique and real world reviews on his use of equipment. He has apparently sold all his DSLR gear and opted for the fuji X range of cameras......oh, and he has a 'phase' as he nonchalantly calls it, so not entirely reliant on the APS-C format then. If you like casual but reliable chat and video, Zach is for you............ Worth a book mark? YES.. entertaining

Thorsten Von Overgaard is one of Leicas biggest and longest serving bloggers. He has been running a website dedicated to Leica for quite some time. His knowledge of Leica is impressive as is his equipment list. I'm not too sure what his pedigree is as a photographer but he syndicates through Getty and has in the past shot some news stories and general newspaper work. He now spends most of his time running workshops around the world..... for Leica owners. I have to include a bit of a caveat here: Thorsten likes names. He dovetails perfectly with the Leica brand as his videos often include shots of his luxurious taste; Hermes, Louis Vuitton. He recently had for sale a black and white print of a horse, shot by him, signed and touched with the midas of Leica for a staggering four thousand euros. look out Andreas Gursky, you have competition. So, if you have a big fat wallet and like to be seen with all the right names, sign up for an espresso and a cool cigarette with Thorsten........and don't forget your Leica !.............worth a bookmark? Leicas only

Ming Thein Runs a very informative blog and certainly knows his stuff. Ming covers a range of cameras for review. Leica,Nikon,Ricoh and in particular the Olympus 4/3rd range. He makes some videos where his intelligence and understanding of the more technical side of photography shines. He writes thoughtfully and is probably the antithesis of Zach Arias in that his language is more theoretical and less comedy. Definitely a site for the serious casual photographer and one who has a deeper understanding of the physics of photography. I believe he shoots still life, mostly watches and jewellery to a high standard. His non still life photography is good with strong images of structure and architecture, many in black and white............ worth a bookmark? YES....you will learn something here

Ming Thein